There is one thing I am committing to tonight, and that is, suicide.

I do not,

Want to go to the fucking mental hospital.

I believe there is hope.

I believe she will come back.
I just have to change the way i act..
I act the way i do because i love you,
I would do things, to try and get you to stay
I would even lie a little, not about what i did or my emotions but more of how i was feeling that day,
Just so you would talk to me, and i could hear all the cute things you had to say,
But then i became addicted to your words,
I wanted to hear them every second of the day no matter how absurd,
The whole time, i became developed in the game of trying to get you to stay,
But i realized i should’ve just been myself, you would’ve loved me anyway.
You did at the start, yes that was me.
Not some phase of honeymooning.
You were the best i will ever know,
The one my true emotions do show.
I cannot force you to change your mind,
I shall not text you a million times,
But i do have hope you’ll come around again.
After all, weren’t we best friends?

Dead on the inside,

Soon to be dead on the outside.

The day he shot himself, was the day they realized..

That he’s not so bad after all..

She left me when I needed her the most, when I can’t trust anyone else in the world. Now my sheets are wet and bloodied.
Let’s go swimming in broken glass.